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On this page we are going to explain a little about ourselves, our values, and our objectives with the service. 

How was Local Max born?

Local Max began as a result of the constant dominance that large companies have in digital media, compared to small and medium-sized companies in our cities.

For this reason, Local Max was born with the purpose of helping these small and medium-sized companies to use their resources, mainly the strength that they can have locally in order to increase their visibility in digital media and attract more customers to their business.

The company started as a result of a very good local growth using these techniques from the family business of our founder, Eduardo. For this reason, he began to learn and develop local growth strategies for local companies, which have been giving very good results in the long term.

At Local Max Agency we do not have a unique and magical method to grow local companies, but as we are experts and we have a long experience with them, we analyze them in depth and then develop a strategy that allows the business to grow locally and attract more customers thanks to the digital media.

What do we do as an agency?


At Local Max agency we have specialized in the local positioning of companies, and in the development of growth strategies for local businesses.

Our goal as a company is to offer a fully specialized service to each business, to help you increase your local visibility, and thus attract the largest number of clients in the region with a transactional intention.

What services do we offer at Local Max Agency?


We have a wide variety of services to help you as a business in this objective of growing online, but all are oriented to local businesses.

Given that they are the type of business that we have the most knowledge from our experience, and on which our differential proposal as an agency is based.


values local max agency

What are the main values ​​of the agency?


Given our proposal as an agency, we have very clear values ​​when it comes to performing all services as an agency. The 3 main values ​​that guide all decisions at Local Max Agency are:


      • Service customization
      • Local business satisfaction
      • The pursuit of excellence as a service

Therefore, all our proposals as an agency will have the objective of always following these 3 pillars in order to ensure the highest quality and excellence in our service.

Let's Work Together!

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