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Local Search Engine Optimization

One of the most representative services of Local Max Agency, with this service we will improve the positioning of your local business, in order to increase the visibility of your business in your region and multiply your sales.

Our job is to work on your different local profiles, together with a positioning work on the web, so that you end up in the local TOP 5.

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We analyze your profiles in digital media for free, both your website and your google my business profile, and we will explain the main points to improve. If you want us to do this analysis of your business, contact us by clicking on this button.

What does the Local Search Engine Optimization service offer?

Local Audit and Analysis

Before starting the local SEO work, we analyze your local profiles and your website to discover the critical points to be optimized.

Local Profiles Optimization

One of the most important parts to gain local visibility, is the optimization of the profiles of Google Maps, Yelp, TripAdvisor….

Local Website Optimization

This is a key factor for both ranking in google and google maps, therefore we will create content and optimize it for this purpose.

Mentions, Citations and Reviews

Therefore, from local max we will work all this mix to optimize your results and your visibility.  Creating mentions, reviews and citations on the Internet.

Fractal Maps and other Local SEO techniques

We know the techniques and we know how to apply them perfectly, and we will do it with the local profiles of your business.

How Local SEO can change your business?

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The main advantage that we will get by correctly applying Local SEO, is to achieve greater visibility on the Internet and this leads to improvements in the following points:

  • Increase in ranking positions for local searches. The first thing we will achieve by correctly applying the techniques of local SEO will be to achieve visibility, thanks to the fact that our business will appear well positioned in the different search engines.
  • Increase in sales. This would be the main advantage and the ultimate goal we should reach. Thanks to this increased visibility, sales will grow both in the physical store and in the online store.
  • High return on investment. The growth potential will be much higher if we apply techniques to position ourselves locally. If we get a good ranking for our business this generates a high return on investment, since this investment can be minimal compared to all the benefits it brings to the business. The only investment needed is the time dedicated, since the most important necessary tools are totally free.
  • Competitive advantage. If we apply local positioning techniques and our local competitors do not do it or do not apply them correctly, we will have placed ourselves in a strategic position to get more potential customers and increase our income.
  • Increased brand image. The more visibility our business gets, the more recognizable it will be. Our “brand”, “product” or “service” that we provide will be much more recognizable than if we do not perform Local SEO practices.

Regarding this last point we must take into account that, if our service or products do not have a minimum quality, the brand image will be negative and this can cause great damage due to the high visibility to which our business would be exposed.

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