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With this service we intend to technically remodel your entire website, while creating valuable content to position you in the main keywords of your industry. At the same time we will create a link strategy to make your business more relevant on the internet.

What sets us apart from other digital marketing agencies is the fact that all of our work is done from a business owner’s perspective and is directly related to improving their web presence.

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We analyze your profiles in digital media for free, both your website and your google my business profile, and we will explain the main points to improve. If you want us to do this analysis of your business, contact us by clicking on this button.

What does the Local Search Engine Optimization service offer?

Keyword Analysis

One of the first steps, and practically the most important, when positioning a website is the choice of keywords, since these will define the texts, the content and the linkbuilding strategy.

Linkbuilding Strategy

Linkbuilding is a fundamental practice aimed at improving our positioning in search engines. Through an intelligent linkbuilding strategy we will get more and better inbound links  to our website.

On-Page Optimization

To have a fully optimized website we must check that the page in question does not have other pages that give error, known as 404, organizing the content of the page and creating strategic content.

Social Media Strategy

It is essential that SEO and Social Media go hand in hand because in the end the benefits of working with both at the same time translate into better results for the company itself. 

How our SEO service can change your business?

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The most important reason why SEO is necessary is because it makes your website more useful to both users and search engines. SEO is necessary to help search engines understand what each page is about and whether or not it is useful to users.

Now let’s take an example to make things clearer:

We have an e-commerce dedicated to the sale of children’s books. Well, for the term “coloring pages” there are about 673,000 searches per month. Assuming that the first result that appears after a search on Google gets 22% of clicks (CTR = 22%), we would get about 148,000 visits per month.

Now, how much are those 248,000 visits worth? Well, if for that term the average spend per click is 0.20€ we are talking about more than 39.000€/month. This only in Canada, if we have a business oriented to several countries, every hour 1.4 billion searches are made in the world. Of those searches, 70% of clicks are on organic results and 75% of users do not reach the second page. If we take all this into account, that’s a lot of clicks per month for the first result.

SEO is the best way for your users to find you through searches where your website is relevant. These users are looking for what you offer them. The best way to reach them is through a search engine.

That’s why Local Max Agency, as specialists we are, will work to optimize your website both internally and externally, so that in the medium term we can make your website and your business grow.

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