How to improve the speed performance of your website?

In a local business, many times the key is not to sell, it is to attract the necessary customers to your local business in order to maintain it and make it grow. For this, from Local Max we want to help you, and we have developed a guide based on 20 points, so that you can attract more customers to your local business. As the techniques evolve and we discover others that have more impact on the business, we will put them in this guide, so save the link and stay tuned for future updates.

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1. Improve the visibility of your store

The importance of improving the visibility of your store is that your potential customers when they walk down the street of your local business, pay attention to it. This is very important since many times, the lack of luminosity in your business can lead to customers not visiting you.

Many times hundreds of people pass in front of your store daily, and more if your store is located in a city, so it is very important that it be visible and attractive. To improve this, good points of improvement is the installation of a good sign in the outdoors, accompanied by an improvement in the luminosity, so that passersby have more ease when it comes to seeing your premises.

2. Invite them to meet you without enter

It is true, that the focus is, incentivize that the customer enters on your store,  because that is where you are most likely to close a sale if you do it well. But many times the user can find it uncomfortable or does not have time to enter.

To be able to attract those customers who are not going to enter the business first, encourage them by means of a QR in the shop window, to get to know you on social networks, so without the need to enter they can know what you offer as a business, and if they are interested, close a sale in the future.

With which QRs in the shop windows encouraging through a raffle or a contest to follow you on social networks, and that way they know you more as a brand, and achieve trust either to enter the business or to buy from you online.

here3. Work on the web and on the content

To attract more customers to your business, one of the keys is to improve the reach and visibility of your business, and for this the internet is the best way. Working on having a fast, easy-to-use website adapted to mobile formats, are the foundations to position yourself in any search engine, this being the way in which customers find you. But the bricks to improve that positioning is the content, creating quality content, optimized for SEO and relevant in your sector, in this way every time a client has a question about a specific topic and you have a good optimized text , your website will appear to the client, thus increasing the relevance of the premises in a staggered manner, and attracting more clients to your local business.

But the importance of this lies in something much more important for your local business, increase positioning and visibility in your city. Creating good content and having an optimized website is a local positioning factor and in the long term will make a difference when it comes to improving the positioning of your brand. At Local Max we take care of all this for you, working on all the factors that influence the local positioning of your business, if you want our agency to work in all your business with the goal of improve your visibility and sales, you can contact us in this link here.

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4. Keep both the exterior and interior of your business clean

Cleanliness is a crucial factor when it comes to showing a good image of your local business, so you must give it an important attention. The outside of your store has to be clean, in order to show your customers a true image of your business, according to what you want to show. Like the outside, it is crucial that the interior is cared for, taking care of the cleanliness and the state of the furniture in your establishment.

This improves the customer’s trust with your business, showing your business and products as more effective and higher quality, in the eyes of the customer.

5. Avoid any brake on access to your business

Business entry is another crucial factor when it comes to make easy the arrival of new customers. It is important that access is easy, and adapted for people with mobility problems.

The door is also important, it must have an easy opening for the client and that it does not mean a brake to enter the business. Doors with locks that need your confirmation, double doors, among others, can be an important brake when a client enters your business.

That is why it is important that now you start to analyze the entire process of entering your business, and if you find any brake, try to solve it in the most effective way possible.

6. Don’t pressure the customer to buy

Nowadays the way of selling, and the buying habits of consumers are changing, and that has happened with the process of in-store sales. This has gone from an aggressive sale, as it was in the past, to become a user advisory process, the job of the seller being one more job of advising products or services.

In this way, the customer does not feel pressured, and thanks to your help throughout the process, he will be able to select the product that best suits him. Improving customer satisfaction and also increasing your sales ratio, since the reciprocity bias will act as a selling factor.

Reciprocity bias

Reciprocity bias is one of the influencing principles that makes us obliged to reciprocate the favors that have been done us, even in cases where we have not asked for them, which happens when you correctly advise a client.

costumer advise experience

7. Post frequently on social networks, especially those that are locally relevant

Content creation is crucial to grow in social networks, and consequently increase your visibility and local reach. But sometimes content creation has a greater impact on specific social networks. For local businesses, the social networks that have the most impact are those that have a greater local weight, such as Facebook or Google My Business, among others.

A local business has to pay special attention to this type of social networks, optimizing their different profiles and publishing relevant content, since the growth of local visibility in any business depends on these.

In Local Max we have an article in which we help you optimize your Google My Business profile in a simple way, to help you grow your business profile locally. Here is the link to the article.

And in case you need any advice regarding the optimization of your Facebook or Google My Business profile, you can contact us for any questions in the contact form that you have below.

8. Work the repertoire of images of your business

Images in a business are one of the most important factors when it comes to correctly selling your product or service, they serve both to create publications on social networks, and to develop better content on the website. Images are also an important sales catalyst, when it comes to building trust and reliability in a certain business.

The key to these is that they are taken by professionals, experts in photography of premises and products, in order to show the image of professionalism that your business needs. If you need to update the repertoire of images of your business, by images taken by professionals, we have photographers in our team who will take care of this for you.

9. Create profiles of your business in multiple local directories

Local directories are the foundation of local rankings, and it is some of them in particular that we focus on. These not only help you when it comes to gaining visibility locally, but they also report links and data, both for Google and to later attract more customers.

Next, I leave you an article in which we explain the main local directories, and their different characteristics. If you want to find out more about the subject, click here.

10. Reduce the clicks required for the customer to reach you

The number of interactions your customer needs to reach you is crucial when it comes to improving the number of customers that contact your business. In order to know the number of necessary clicks you have to make the trip in your digital media as if you were your client, and later see the unnecessary steps in the process. You have to try to eliminate these steps, in order to make your customer’s journey much easier and faster, which will increase the CTR of your sales process, mainly because many more customers will come to the contact process of your website.

As can be seen in the following examples (assisted Facebook registration, fingerprint unlocking, 1-click orders), these brands have observed that the user wants the fewest possible clicks in the process. The less the user has to do, the happier they are and the more likely they are to return to that experience (your business).

For example, one way to streamline the entire purchase process is to include a contact menu, in your texts or on your landing pages so that the customer can get in touch with you in a faster way, without any kind of brakes.

11. Provide all the necessary information regarding your product, and advise your client for free

Writing information regarding your product or service will help you develop relevant content for your social media, as well as saving you work on answering questions from your client. This information can be from technical specifications of your product to its different methods of use, so that your client knows if it is really your product that adapts to him. In addition, if your product is a product with a hight ticket or that requires a prior investigation before the purchase, such as the construction of a home or the choice of a car, advise your client with all your available knowledge regarding the different products or services that best suit him.

This will help you save time, not having to resolve trivial doubts in most situations, in addition to the fact that thanks to prior advice the client is more predisposed to buy from you, and also increases the final satisfaction of your client, which ends making him recommend you to other people and thus attract more customers to your business.

12. Advertising in digital media

Apart from organic growth as we have commented in previous points, to grow a business digitally and attract more customers at the beginning you need to invest in advertising. This advertising can help you grow locally in the short term, without the need to work on organic or local positioning, which will give Two results in the medium term.

For a local business, the social media in which the investment can be most profitable are Google with the Google Maps section AND Facebook in the business section attracting people from your area with the filters that you can put on Google ads and apart with other more customer-specific priorities. Attacking these two digital media can help you grow in an important way in the short term by attracting those customers you need to create reviews and a good image to attract future customers.

13. Create offers and discounts sporadically

Another key aspect when it comes to attracting more customers to your local business is developing good and optimized offers. Creating offers might be the best skill you will learn as a business owner, and this skill will be used at all times.

Create offer is when you take some of the products or services that you offer and present them to your potential market in a way that makes their purchase easier.

In simple terms, if we go back to the example of the pizzeria, the offer of the week could be “two pizzas with double cheese for a special price”. With this you are not only encouraging them to buy more pizzas, but also of a specific type, which is the one in which you may have over stock.

By creating routines with offers, you can retain customers in a much more effective way, creating routine habits in the user linked to your business. These types of loyalty techniques tend to bear their best results in a business with a lot of recurrence, such as a supermarket, stationery, hairdresser, gym, etc.

local business discounts to attract clients

14. Create dynamism in your business, with contests and sweepstakes

A well-executed contest can be a differentiator in a growth campaign, and this can be very useful to get a customer base in your business.

But the implementation of these promotions not only helps to grow in social networks and improve interactions, but also helps you reach more public, understand their opinions, promote your products or services or improve your reputation. Scenarios where everyone wins: your followers get prizes or benefits, and your business gets likes, increases followers, collects information, or simply consolidates your brand image.

All this in order to retain your audience from both the neighborhood and social networks, so that they buy from you and become recurring customers.

15. The power of word of mouth

We are in an age where we have too much information about any product or service. The potential customer receives so much information that when he has to make a purchase decision, it is difficult for him to choose because he is totally “infoxicated”. Word of mouth has always been a great way to make purchasing decisions because we trust our friends and family when we ask for advice, and in an age of information, it has an even greater impact.

This is a very effective way for us to reach more people by improving our brand, increasing the database of new clients or expanding the network of contacts, among other benefits. Despite what we have discussed in the previous paragraph, many companies do not give much importance to referral marketing, and many times they do not consider it in their strategy when it comes to attracting more customers to their local business.

16. Distribute advertising in the area of ​​your business

Distributing advertising, although it seems a thing of the past, many times produces a much greater impact than an ad on social networks can produce, in addition to filtering it by transit areas with which, if you do it well you can create an impact on people that really travels regularly near your business.

Advertising on paper produces multiple stimuli, and if it is well assembled it can cause the customer to read it in its entirety, which produces a brutal growth in brand recognition over time.

In addition, advertising can not only be distributed on public roads, it can also be delivered by the method known as “mailbox”. This method is used if what you want is to cause a much calmer impact on the client, and less impulsive.

To do this type of campaign, it is recommended to have a professional in the design area, who can develop a flyer for you that really produces the impact you want.

local business flyers

17. Be quick and effective in your responses

Most of the tips are to improve the customer experience with your company, and this one in particular is very key. When someone writes to you either by GMB, mail or WhatsApp Business, answer them within a maximum of 24 hours, this will facilitate both when converting it in relation to the service that is being contacted, and for them to feel well treated by your company, and that the reciprocity bias that we discussed in previous points acts.

But it is not only a matter of being quick to respond, it is a matter of also being effective, for the sake of your time and the client’s time. Accurate answers will make your customer feel well cared for, and will likely make the sale happen much earlier.

18. The importance of stimulating the senses – lighting, smells, etc.

For a few years now, the use of the senses by businesses has guaranteed consumers a unique experience, in which they play a key role, making the purchase become a more emotional action. For example, Starbucks sells you experiences, from the smell with a warm smell of fresh coffee, the view with soft light that relaxes you, an experience that makes your coffee have more value than the coffee of another brand.

Exactly on this the marketing of the senses is based on provoking emotions in order that we want to acquire the product. The biggest challenge for your business is to be able to capture those senses and provoke those emotions to your customers, and to also benefit from the emotional side of shopping, which decides 95% of our decisions.

There are different types of tricks to be able to control and provoke emotions to your customers depending on the meaning, specifically in Local Max we recently wrote a text on how to use odors in your business. I leave it here for you to take a look.

19. Take care of your recurring customers

Recurrence is key for a local business, especially if the products of your business do not have a very high ticket. For this reason, one of your main efforts on the part of your business is to increase the recurrence of your customers and carefully take care of the most recurring customers, who are the ones who basically and over time sustain your business and do it. a more stable income producer.

Some general tricks to increase the recurrence of your customers are to create discounts or gifts according to the number of times you have bought in the establishment. It is also important if you have the number or email, to congratulate important dates, so your clients will feel cared for and that they really matter to you. There are many more tricks, but many of those that can make the most difference in your business, are particular to the same or your sector, if you need advice in this regard, at Local Max we have a strategic consulting service for local businesses, with which We can help you in a personalized way to grow your local business and develop strategies to increase its sales.

20. Many times it is not necessary for them to visit your business to sell

With the development of online sales and the entire digital world, it is less and less necessary for your client to visit your business in person to sell. Therefore, one of the priorities as a business is to have a good website and do a good job on social networks, in order to attract more customers to your local business without the need for them to visit it. You have to look at the web as your establishment on the internet, in which when people travel through it looking for things and end up on your business website, you have to treat them well and have the best possible experience.

This will also help you expand your business to new horizons regardless of the geographical area, which can help you increase your income exponentially.

There are many more tips that we can give you to attract customers to your local business since it is the area to which we are dedicated as a company, but we leave the last word of the text to you, ask us any questions you have about attracting customers to your business and we will publish the best ones as time goes by. Do not be afraid and ask us, we will answer your question as soon as possible.

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