Why Copywriting helps you with SEO?

The first thing we are going to do is to give a clear definition of copywriting. We already know that SEO is Search Engine Optimization, search engine optimization, which is the same thing. That is to say, SEO is all those actions that you carry out to position a content.

On the other hand, Copywriting is based on copywriting, a marketing copywriting. These texts are not only intended to inform. They also seek an action to be performed through them. These calls to action are called CTA or call to action. But we will leave that for a later post.

Copywriting seeks to use words that attract and convince. But all this is done targeting a specific audience, that is, we know who we are addressing. Emotions are a key point in copywriting. And with our words we try to generate them in the key moments to initiate that action. For this we carry out tests, studies to know what can work best for us.

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Let’s put the two together

If we put both terms together, what we are idyllically creating is visible and persuasive content. This sounds very perfect, and if it is achieved, the results are tremendously remarkable. SEO copywriting is a type of writing that combines writing that seeks to position and writing that seeks to persuade. We cannot leave either area too much aside, since both complement each other. Good persuasion will help your client know what they want and make the text understandable. And good SEO practices will help you rank, which helps you reach more people.

It’s no use having text that ranks first, if it’s unreadable and our potential customers spend two seconds on our page, it won’t do us any good. We need to have texts that are clear and comprehensive. Being first in Google is all very well, but we won’t achieve much if no one stays. That is why it is as important to be in the first positions as it is to have a well-written text.

Of course this happens in the other direction as well. We can have a text with an olympic writing, that you read and fall in love with, but not reach anyone. We need our text to be not only beautiful and persuasive but also to be positioned in search engines. That is why we cannot have an incomplete work, halfway.


Benefits of SEO and Copywriting. The combination of positioning and attraction.

There are many essential factors for SEO copywriting. But you can never lose sight of the intention to create a text that is as good for Google’s eyes as it is for the readers’ eyes.

Let’s mention a few factors to keep in mind.


One of the most important parts is keyword research. Using the right words is as much an aid to SEO as it is to the intent of the copywriting. Words that captivate the reader but that we also have prior knowledge that they are going to position with ease. When doing this keyword search we will realize that some words are searched more often than others, so using these words will help us in positioning. (even so do not forget that they have to be comprehensive for the reader).


As for titles, let’s be practical and mention why they are important, useful, and how to use them. For copywriting, using headings helps to separate ideas, gives clarity and orders the text. This makes it easier to identify the ideas and the reader can go directly to the ideas he is looking for. In these titles, however, it is always a good idea to mention some of those keywords we mentioned before.

Keywords in titles help positioning, here we refer to those so acclaimed titles H1, H2, etc. We call the main title H1 “Because copywriting helps you with SEO”, it leaves no doubt about what the reader will find. Then the H2 titles, subtitles rather, where they separate key ideas from the text. We use relevant keywords. Do not overuse them.

Analysis and study

We must have a clear idea of the service or product we want to sell, and the audience we want to offer it to. Knowing our audience is a very important part in both sections, as it will help us to choose the most appropriate strategies.

In copywriting it is very important to have knowledge about what is going to be written. This way we can personalize the words and the writing to the product and the target audience. This part of the process can take some time, but we should not underestimate it as it can give us an extra quality that differentiates us.


To conclude

Once we have reviewed these small practices it is time to get down to work. You will be able to find more strategies to try in your business here. Don’t forget that all this doesn’t change overnight and that it takes time to implement, and a lot of continuity. Sometimes trying to implement all the strategies at once can be difficult. So don’t get discouraged if you don’t manage to do it all the first time, just implement those practices that best suit you.

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